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Our Work

Data Dashboards


Your Data Speaks 

Data dashboards are commonly used by businesses and large organizations to visually track, analyze, and display key metrics of performance. More recently, non-profit organizations, schools, and grant-funded programs have discovered the utility of these customizable displays that often include tables, bar charts, line charts, and other visual displays of data. Dashboards allow organizations to compare multiple data points over time and therefore display trend analyses. They can be used with a variety of audiences and can simplify a data-based decision-making process.

Data Summaries

Results Matter

An evaluation brief summarizes the results of several data collection strategies that, together, describe the implementation and outcomes how of a program over a specified period of time.

A data summary can also present the results of a single data collection strategy (e.g., a survey or focus group) and highlight implications for action. Because data summaries include more detailed information on a single program or focus area, they are often the preferred choice of stakeholders who want to “dig in” to the data a bit more.


Data-Based Decision Making


Understanding is Important

Our clients are often drawn to use by their desire to use data to assist in the decision-making process. It’s important that the time and effort needed to understand their results is not greater than the time they can devote to taking action based on their data. For this reason, we carefully apply Visual Processing Theory and strong data visualization practices to create high-caliber visual aids to support visual learning and engagement.

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