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Our Name

Our small, Indiana-based team offers big insights, and the agility to match your analytical needs.


Drummond’s oxygen-alcohol limelight, 1826

“Limelight”, which is sometimes referred to as “Drummond Light”, was one of the most intense light sources available for most of the 19th century, before the use of electricity. Light was created by directing a flame at a cylinder of quicklime (also known as calcium oxide), which would then become white hot and emit a nearly blinding light. This has been called the “Quicklime Effect”.


Limelight was often used to highlight stage performers in the same way that electrical spotlights are used today, helping the audience identify where they need to look in order to see the “main action” of the stage performance.


In a similar way, the work we do at Limelight Analytics is intended to shine a bright light the important aspects of your program, organization, or business. By clearly seeing what is most important, you can then make data-based decisions to improve your efficiency and efficacy.

At Limelight Analytics LLC, we bring information to light through the collection of data, both qualitative or quantitative, to help you better reflect on your productivity and impact. We are committed to shining a bright light on information that helps move people, programs, and organizations forward.

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